Welcome To Windfallow!

Come in! You are welcome here. This is where you will find food for discussion and facts about the Windfallow Way. The pages will be separated into categories such as Customs, topography, the Fallowfolk, etc. and you can browse through any or all of them. Please be patient while I populate the site. A little at a time will appear. You are welcome to comment or add to the discussion at any time and know your comments will be read and responded to ( at least until there are too many to address individually! May that day come quickly!) Now, a bit of background:

When I began writing the first book of the series, The Great Bell, I was just updating a short, standard fairy tale I’d written several years before. Except the 1500 words kept stretching until I had a 15,000 word book on my hands. It was so much fun to write, I started another. And another. But, as I continued to write the fairytale theme changed and my background as a Bible scholar and teacher began to show through the words.

As I created the world of Windfallow, its people, its values, etc., the plots wove together to form a battle between good and evil. The good were good and the evil were evil. I had to choose names of towns, countries, and people to reflect the fact that this world had never “fallen”. There had never been an Adam and Eve and evil had never been invited in.

The rest of the story I will leave to the books and the discussions of the various categories. I hope you will enjoy the books, find the humor and the adventure in them and also the mores upon which they are founded.

Come back often!

The Singer aka Donna Swanson


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