excerpt from of rocks and gold TWO

September 29, 2007

One of Zach’s friends, Sally, has followed him to the park to ask about her boyfriend.  Zach is unaware of her presence until she touches him on the shoulder and is instantly transported to Windfallow…

Sally screamed in a really great impression of every heroine in a horror

movie and Zach looked at her with complete disgust. “Now look what you’ve done! You’ve probably ruined everything! I’m sorry, Angari. I didn’t know she was there until it was too late.”

Sally grabbed Zach’s arm. “Where is this place? What have you done to me? I want to go home!”

The tall man with wings bowed to her. “Welcome to Windfallow, fair lady. We’re sorry you came uninvited but we offer you our hospitality nonetheless. Zach, would you introduce us?”

“I suppose so. Angari, this is Sally Tate. She’s one of my friends from earth and she really didn’t mean to spy. She was just looking for me.” He turned to the second man. “Sparrow? Is that you?”

The second man, not quite as tall as the first, bowed to Sally and Zach. “It is, indeed. I know Angari here doesn’t age, but I’ve got a few gray hairs since we last met. Welcome to Windfallow, Sally. My name is Sparrow, and I fear we may be observed if we stay here in the open. Let’s head for the Watch Tower.”

“I’ll go on ahead and find some suitable clothing for the girl, Sparrow. See you later.” With that Angari spread his wings and flew off.

Sally turned to Zach. “Zach Thomas, you tell me what’s going on right now!”

“Can we talk as we go, Sally? Sparrow’s right. We aren’t safe here in the open. Come on.” He started on behind Sparrow and Sally had no option but to follow them. He explained to her where they were and why he had returned. “I can’t believe you’re really here with me, and I’m sure they won’t let you go back until I do. But you have nothing to fear from them, Sally. They are the kindest people I’ve ever met and you won’t believe what this place is like.”

Sally stopped him in his tracks. “You mean I can’t go home until they say I can go home? And what’s with the guy with wings? What is he, anyway?”

“He’s an Alari. In our world he would be called an angel. Only here, angels are visible. And it won’t matter how long we stay here, it will still only be a few minutes since we left earth. Does that make you feel better?”

“A little.” Sally’s fear was giving way to astonishment as she took in her surroundings. Colors were so vivid they dazzled the eye and the very air seemed to sparkle. Birds sang in trees where fruit and flowers grew together and dozens of brightly colored butterflies danced around them.

In fact, several of the insects had alighted on Zach’s head and shoulders.

Rather than brush them away, he seemed to be talking to them. Sally looked more closely and gave a gasp. They were little people with wings! “Zach, what are those things?”

“These are more Alari, Sally. Angari met us full-size, but he can become as tiny as these if he chooses and they can become as big as he was. Want to see?” He picked up one of the little beings and put it on the ground. As Zach bowed, the  Alari grew to the size of Sally. She was dressed in bright yellow tights with an overtunic of soft blues and browns. Her skin was golden and her hair bright green.

Sally stepped back in fear, but when she looked into the gem-like eyes of the Alari her fear vanished and she saw kindness and a twinkle that could only mean fun. The maid held out her hand to Sally and said, “Welcome to Windfallow, my lady. My name is Willow and I am glad to see a human girl come to this world.” Her voice was musical, like bells ringing somewhere far away. “Would you like me to stay this size and walk with you?”

“Please do that,” said Sally when she found her voice. She looked at Zach. “Why didn’t you tell me they were so friendly? I think I like it here!”



September 29, 2007

The second book of the Windfallow Chronicles begins with Zach spending the evening with his friends.  This scene opens as he returns to his room…

The glow was forgotten as he stepped into his room to find Angari sitting on his bed. “Angari! How did you get here?” Zach stood in the doorway staring at the full-size Alari sitting on his bed.

“We discovered I was the only one who could come and go freely from our world to yours, Zach. We’ve been trying for years to get it right, but this is the only thing that worked.”

“Years? You were just here a couple of weeks ago. What’s with the years?”

“You’ve forgotten that time flows at a different pace in Windfallow. It has been almost twenty years since you were there.”

Zach dropped into the chair by his desk and stared at Angari. “You’re invisible to everyone but me, aren’t you?”

“Yes. How did you know?”

“Well, you’re not exactly dressed for earth, you know.”

“Oh, that’s right.” Angari looked down at his tights and tunic. His wings were folded along his side and legs and his bright yellow hair was a tousled mass of curls. “Guess it’s just as well they can’t see me, huh?”

“Yeah. Why don’t you look older, Angari? If it’s been twenty years.” Zach suddenly sat up straight. “What about Stilts? He was old when I was there. Is he still alive?”

“Not with us, Zach. He has been taken to the Eternal Plane. I think you will see him when you reach that place.”

“You mean Heaven?”

“Yes, I think that’s what you call it. We’ve been studying the Holy Bible you gave to Stilts.” Tears filled Angari’s eyes. “I am the only Alari who has been allowed to read it and only a few of the elders. We are afraid the fallowfolk and the Alari as well would be terribly wounded even to read what your earth has done to the Maker’s Son.”

The tears fell down his cheeks. “How could you do that to Him?” Angari’s wings unfolded and he began to change into the incredible creature Zach had seen before. Then, his wings relaxed and he was plain old Angari again. “Forgive me, Zach, I know it was not you who did it.”

“But I’m just as capable of it, Angari,” Zach said sadly. “That’s the main difference between our world and yours.” He was silent for a moment, then asked, “Can you tell my why you’ve come back?”

“Yes. We need your help again, Zach. The mindless and their leader have been making raids into Windfallow. We have managed to keep the Bells hidden, but they are taking rocks and gold. They’ve even killed a man and his wife. We need you there to help us, my friend.”

“But you just said no one could travel between our worlds but you. How do I get there? And how do the mindless get through?”

“The mindless come as they did before through the aid of the evil one of this world. Because of that we have worked out a plan we think will work. If the mindless can travel back and forth, there’s reason to hope it will work for you as well. Here’s what you must do.” He drew a map from his pocket and spread it on the bed. “This is the Barrier Wood. Do you remember where you entered it before?”

“Sure, it’s only been a couple of weeks. Is that where I go in?”

“We think so. You must wear the clothes we gave you to keep so that when you appear there you will not look out of place. We will meet again at the same spot I left you. But you will not be able to see us. You must stand very still and wait for us to bring you to the other side. Do you understand?”


September 29, 2007

In this scene Zachary has come back to Earth with his three companions, one of whom is an Alari, the Windfallow name for angel. Angari is his name and his invisible to the Thomas’s. They have asked for help from the Thomas family, Angari is mentioned and Zach is at a loss for words to explain him…


The Great Bell 2

“Let me try,” the old man said. “You see, in our world the angels are visible. Here, they aren’t. It must have something to do with your world being wounded. In any case, Angari would be known here as an angel. In our land they are called Alari because of their wings.”

“He has wings?” Sarah Thomas looked with awe at the spot Zach had

indicated. “He’s an angel? Did you say they are here as well? All the time only we can’t see them?”

“That’s right, Ma’am,” Sparrow spoke up. “Angari, do you think you could let the Thomases see you just this once?”

There was a long silence and then Angari changed before Zach’s eyes.

He began to glow; his garments became bright white and his skin golden bronze. Zach heard a gasp from his parents as Angari came into full view. Even Stilts and Sparrow stepped back a pace.

“Why don’t you look like that in Windfallow?” whispered Stilts, for once subdued.

“Because you couldn’t endure the sight of so many of us in this form.” Angari spread his glistening wings. “Can you imagine what it would be like to order us around if we looked like this?”

“Order you around?” Sparrow grew pale. “We do, don’t we? And we never think a thing of it. Why do you let us?”

“Because we’re your servants. That’s part of our service to the Maker, to give glory to Him and to serve His people. Our service gives Him glory.”

John and Sarah Thomas had been taking in the conversation between the glorious being that had just appeared and the men from Windfallow. John Thomas spoke, “Are you saying that these angels serve the people of Windfallow?”

Stilts answered, his eyes never leaving Angari’s. “Yes sir, but I have

never seen one who looked like this. Angari, will you forgive all my foolish



Angari folded his wings. “Ah, my friends, please forget this form and go back to treating me the way you always have. We are created beings just like yourselves and we serve the Maker in our own way.” He looked at John and Sarah and Zach. “You see me as I really am, but there are other angels in this room who serve you. They are present all over Earth and there will be a day when they will rise to meet the Maker as He comes to you and you will see how many thousands have been among you. Now, can you find places for the heroes to sleep for a few hours? Then, we must head for Oklahoma.”



September 28, 2007

Dear friends,

In the following weeks I will be posting on this page excerpts from the six books that make up the double trilogy titled, The Windfallow Chronicles. They will be posted in order according to the book from which they are taken. Some books have only a few excerpts, others have several. Perhaps, seeing the quality of writing in these brief glimpses will make you curious about the entire series.

The Windfallow Chronicles, a seriesof 6 eBooks, may be downloaded from my website, http://www.mindsinger.com, or from any of several sites where downloadable material is sold. One entire book, The Great Bell, first of the series, has been read aloud online. The access this, just go to Talkshoe.com and type in ‘mindsinger’ in the search box.

Now, please enjoy this first excerpt from The Great Bell. Zach Thomas has ‘accidentally’ entered the world of Windfallow, been taken to the Queen and shown around the palace grounds by Prince Robin. We find him as he discovers the waterfall/bath in his room…………………………………

So the day passed. In late afternoon Robin took Zach to a room in the palace and told him this would be his while he was with them. “Come down when you’ve rested and refreshed yourself,” he said. “If you need anything or can’t find your way, just clap your hands and someone will come.”

When the prince left, Zach looked around. The room had that same muted light he had seen all over the palace, the walls translucent, as though cut from some huge jewel. There was a raised platform at one side of the room, which he decided must be the bed, as well as chairs and tables. Thinking he heard a fountain, he stepped through a doorway and stopped in amazement. A waterfall cascaded from the ceiling and ran in a stream that had to be hip deep, to an opening at the opposite

side. On hooks hung soft towels and a set of clothes similar to what Robin had worn.

“Yippee!” yelled Zach and shucked his clothes in record time. The water was cool and when the boy moved a knob close by, soapsuds poured down the waterfall. He spent quite a while in the shower/pool, before deciding he’d better get dressed and back downstairs. The dirty clothes he’d taken off were still lying on the grassy carpet. He washed them in the waterfall, pushing the button again for soap, and hung them as best he could on the towel hooks

The Windfallow clothes fit well and were extremely comfortable, the shoes especially. They were of soft leather-like material that slipped over his foot and ankle then molded to fit perfectly with no fastening. He took a few steps feeling as though he were barefoot. “Sure beats sneakers!” He said to no one in particular.

He sat on the bed trying to take in all he had seen and heard. He was only going to sit there for a minute but his arms and legs were so heavy and the bed flowed around him to pillow every curve. It was so soft…


Watch for Excerpt #2 of The Great Bell