Here the second adventure is about to end.  What impression has it had on Sally and how will they keep the secret of Windfallow?


Of Rocks and Gold 6

Once again Zach stood, now with a companion, on the far side of the gate in a park in southern Indiana. Angari stood before them holding two boxes. “Here are the clothing and glasses you wore while in Windfallow. It is just after dusk of the day you left earth. I will walk with you to Zach’s house to make sure all is well here. Sally, you might want to leave your box with Zach for a while, since they know about Windfallow and your parents do not.”

Soon Zach’s house was in sight. Angari handed the boxes to the teenagers, bowed and vanished. Sally looked at Zach. “It really happened, didn’t it? How do we pretend it didn’t?”

“We just remember how wonderful that world is and how much we want it to stay that way. If you feel you just have to talk about it, call me and we’ll meet somewhere. But I’ll pray for you and you pray for me so we won’t be tempted to tell. OK?”

The two parted and Zach walked to his front door. The night was cool and home suddenly looked very inviting.

Sally walked home slowly.  How would she keep secret the happiness welling up inside, the peace that filled the night with a far off singing?  She prayed as she walked, “O, Father in Heaven, Maker of Windfallow, help me to keep their secret safe.  Make my mind strong enough and clear enough not to slip.  Thank you, Father, for a wonderful glimpse of what Heaven will be like.” 

Then suddenly the scripture verse she’d learned the week before came to mind: “Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither has it entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love him.” 

“Ah, Father, that was just a taste of Heaven!  Thank you!  Amen.:”


This is the last of the excerpts from Of Rocks and Gold.  It was hard to leave so much out, but perhaps I have piqued your curiosity.



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