The Thomas family has been taken to a Festival where booths of all kinds have been set up to display wares.  Sara Thomas has been given a wolf cub figurine by a strange woman…


The King and Queen, the Thomases,  Angari and Falcon gathered in the tower of the Bell of Fellowship. Angari asked for the wolf cub figurine Sarah had received from the vendor. She gave it to him with a reluctance that surprised them both. “There is power here, Mrs. Thomas,” said Angari. He turned the figure over in his hand. “Zach, look! See what is etched on the bottom.”

Zach took the figure, noting the endearing innocence of the face. When he turned it over, he saw a very faint etching of the face of a jackal. “But, we got rid of him, Angari! What is this face doing back in Windfallow?”

“We got rid of the amulet. Demons are immortal so we didn’t destroy the one who empowered the amulet. The demon must have found another host and is once again seeking to control our world.”

“I think this time, he means to control our minds and souls, Angari,” the King said sadly. “It’s what he wanted to do the other two times as well, but now he seeks to do it before rather than after the crooks have the treasures they desire.”

“It is getting near supper time, Angari,” the queen said. “Let’s keep a watch on this Nora of Hawk’s Roost and see where she spends the night. Perhaps you can ask Willow to keep an eye on her. Would you call her, please?”

Willow was an Alari Zach had met the last time he was in Windfallow. She had become a good friend to Sally and was familiar with that adventure. She came immediately and Zach saw she was as unchanged as Angari. She gave a friendly wave to Zach and turned her attention to Angari.

“Willow, we have reason to believe there are more mindless ones from earth here in Windfallow. There is a vendor in the square selling animal figures like this one.” He showed her the wolf cub. “They are always young animals. We want you to follow the woman who makes these and see where she goes and whom she meets when the booths close down for the night. Do not enter her mind, but learn what you can by observing her actions.”

When Willow had left, Zach asked Falcon. “How could this woman come into Windfallow and not be affected by the sunlight? She wore no glasses, but did not seem uncomfortable.”

“Was she in direct sunlight?” Falcon asked.

Zach thought back to the booth. “You’re right, Falcon. Her booth was facing north so the sun would never enter the tent directly.”

“That gives us one advantage,” Angari commented. “We know she will not come or go while the sun is in its strength. Willow should have plenty of time to find her before the sun goes down.” Angari had set the wolf cub figure on the table in front of Sarah. He did not notice when she picked it up and put it in her pocket.



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