Having failed to corrupt the animals of Windfallow, the Jackal recruits and sends in a band of thugs with instructions to kidnap the Royal Family, thus supposedly bringing the world under his command.  We catch up with the thugs as they stealthily make their way through the darkened palace…


They walked carefully down the hallway keeping one hand on the wall and trying to be ready for whatever they bumped into.  Which came quickly enough.  The man in front gave an inadvertent grunt as he encountered a wall.  They all stopped and Butch suggested sotto voice, “Take out your contacts!  Maybe we can see better!”

           They could indeed see better after removing them and were able to distinguish interior walls.  With this problem solved they navigated to the interior of the building.  What they did not know and could not see were the Alari who had gathered in groups to walk with them observing their every move. 

           Cede, who’d come with Krill’s family, mindspoke across the miles to Angari.  “Better come to the Skye Palace and bring some friends.  Looks like the humans are trying something.”  She’d no sooner put the thought out than Angari was beside her.  The halls were now filled with Alari of all sizes being careful not to bump into the humans.

           “How did they get so far into Windfallow without our knowing?” puzzled Angari.

           “We didn’t watch at night,” offered Willow, “maybe they knew enough to travel then.”

           If David and Cory had seen the large group making their way through the palace, they could not have helped laughing.  Especially knowing the humans had no idea who or what was following so close.

           In good time the men came to the sleeping quarters.  The first room they happened upon was the one in which the cousins were sleeping  “Ok,” whispered Butch.  “There’s two of ‘em.  Vermit, you take Rail and get those two.  But don’t grab ‘em until we get the parents.”

           “How are just two of us gonna get the parents!” Vermit asked.  “That king ain’t gonna be no pushover!”

           “You got a knife on you, ain’t ya.  Use it to make ‘em do what you want.  We’ll do the same with the little princes here!  But don’t use no gun!  We’ll stand by the bed ‘til you come with the king and queen.”

           “Have you heard enough, Willow?” mindspoke Angari.

           “Yes, friend.  I think we’d better stop this now.”



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