This is the first excerpt from the sixth book of The Windfallow Chronicles.  A Curious Light takes place many centuries after the Thomas family’s adventures there.  All gates have been closed between the two worlds and no one from earth, good or bad, can use them.  However a light ship exploring the far galaxies has observed a small planet wreathed in a curious light.  They decide to investigate…

Angari smoothed his wing feathers, brushing his hands casually over their five-foot length. The rocky ledge on which he sat was a drab green with soft moss its only ornamentation. The man, unaware that Angari had watched him appear in a sparkle of light behind a stone outcropping, now stood before him. He was using his mouth to form words, though Angari could clearly understand his thoughts without physical expression. “Can you tell me the name of this place?” The sound was guttural and harsh.

“It is called Spring Hollow,” Angari answered, letting his words take the same form the stranger had used.

“Spring Hollow. Is that the name of the planet or a country?”

Angari crossed his feet and assumed a casual air. “The planet is Windfallow. Do you have a reason for asking? Do you not live nearby?”

“No, I come from a great distance. I am interested in learning about the people who live here.” The man – Angari assumed he was human- was a few hands taller than Angari, who had been caught in a slightly smaller version of himself. “Are all the people who live here, uh, winged, like yourself?” The stranger tried to appear unperturbed at the appearance of a humanoid dressed in silky, iridescent leggings and tunic with wings that surely had a span as wide as the creature was tall. A head of bright yellow curls topped a tanned,  well-proportioned body.

“No. Some of us have wings and some do not. You seem to know very little about us. Did you say you were from a far place?”

Brasker decided to trust his instincts and level with the native. “Yes, I do come from a far place and it is not this world. We fly through space in a big ship called Outrider, and explore any planet we find that might support life. Your world registered on our machines as one of those. Do you mind that we are visiting here?”

“No, as long as you come in peace and do not stay long. But why do you come here and what is your purpose?”

“As I said before, we explore planets that have the possibility of sustaining life. Yours registered as one of that type and so we chanced a landing.”

Angari noted the use of the pronoun, ‘we’, but did not comment on it. Instead, he tendered an invitation to the man. “While you are here, would you like to meet some of our people, perhaps the King and Queen of Lower Windfallow?”         “Yes, I’d like that. By the way, my name is Lieutenant Brasker. And your name is…?”

“Angari. Follow me, please.” The winged man turned to a path through the flower-studded meadow.


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