Dear friends,

In the following weeks I will be posting on this page excerpts from the six books that make up the double trilogy titled, The Windfallow Chronicles. They will be posted in order according to the book from which they are taken. Some books have only a few excerpts, others have several. Perhaps, seeing the quality of writing in these brief glimpses will make you curious about the entire series.

The Windfallow Chronicles, a seriesof 6 eBooks, may be downloaded from my website, http://www.mindsinger.com, or from any of several sites where downloadable material is sold. One entire book, The Great Bell, first of the series, has been read aloud online. The access this, just go to Talkshoe.com and type in ‘mindsinger’ in the search box.

Now, please enjoy this first excerpt from The Great Bell. Zach Thomas has ‘accidentally’ entered the world of Windfallow, been taken to the Queen and shown around the palace grounds by Prince Robin. We find him as he discovers the waterfall/bath in his room…………………………………

So the day passed. In late afternoon Robin took Zach to a room in the palace and told him this would be his while he was with them. “Come down when you’ve rested and refreshed yourself,” he said. “If you need anything or can’t find your way, just clap your hands and someone will come.”

When the prince left, Zach looked around. The room had that same muted light he had seen all over the palace, the walls translucent, as though cut from some huge jewel. There was a raised platform at one side of the room, which he decided must be the bed, as well as chairs and tables. Thinking he heard a fountain, he stepped through a doorway and stopped in amazement. A waterfall cascaded from the ceiling and ran in a stream that had to be hip deep, to an opening at the opposite

side. On hooks hung soft towels and a set of clothes similar to what Robin had worn.

“Yippee!” yelled Zach and shucked his clothes in record time. The water was cool and when the boy moved a knob close by, soapsuds poured down the waterfall. He spent quite a while in the shower/pool, before deciding he’d better get dressed and back downstairs. The dirty clothes he’d taken off were still lying on the grassy carpet. He washed them in the waterfall, pushing the button again for soap, and hung them as best he could on the towel hooks

The Windfallow clothes fit well and were extremely comfortable, the shoes especially. They were of soft leather-like material that slipped over his foot and ankle then molded to fit perfectly with no fastening. He took a few steps feeling as though he were barefoot. “Sure beats sneakers!” He said to no one in particular.

He sat on the bed trying to take in all he had seen and heard. He was only going to sit there for a minute but his arms and legs were so heavy and the bed flowed around him to pillow every curve. It was so soft…


Watch for Excerpt #2 of The Great Bell


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